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I am sooooo impressed with this company. Admin is the most responsive I have EVER dealt with in all my decades of business. Their responses to my requests are virtually instant so far. My ONE $7 entry has already netted me $169 (in 12 days), plus a $40 Blue Circle spot (from profits) that has already turned to Green (in 3 days), plus multiple PIF's and multiple new sub-positions of my own from profits,, plus multiple renewal fees prepaid. Wow! I just withdrew my earnings directly to my WealthBot account, with support's help, cutting Bitcoin fees in half. Impressive. Delightful. Rare! Thank you!!!

Hello, I just want everyone to know that paid In circles is a great place to advertise. I have made several new business contacts from this site. For me, my ads are being seen. So if you are on the fence or have not shared this with others, do so. I am impressed with the products and I have been online for a long time and bitcoin projects are very busy now. But finding a great place to advertise is key to everyone's success. I am Very Very happy here! Join today and see your ads get response also. Oh and yes I have earned here and paid out each time I have requested three times. I am a proud participating member here. Thank you to this site and who ever is in charge....

Hi This is Bryan Hedges from Australia. I was rushed to hospital last Monday, (12th June) and while I was in there my sponsor, entered me into Paid In Circles and Piffed my first position. Seven days later (June 19th) . With out me doing anything I have cycled the fourth Circle. earning a total of $208.00. Is that amazing or what. How you ever heard of anyone to join a program and getting paid while doing nothing. How many of you have ever earned $208 in a program? Not a fortune but would $200 per week make a difference in your life? It will in mine. Once you understand the program you will see that the earnings are limitless. So I urges you to check it out fully. Kind regards Bryan hedges Australia Phone +61 400 378 742

Very Pleased with the help I received on Chat Line!....Very excited about the future of Paid In Circles!

I wasn’t one of those that got paid right away, as a matter of fact, it took a while before I got paid but guess what; I got paid from Paid in Circles. Be encouraged to never quit! Anything worthwhile takes takes time. Everyday new companies show up online promising easy earnings; there is no such thing! Paid in Circles has shown up and is not looking like one of those companies. Paid in Circles is affordable! Paid in Circles offers consumable products! Paid in Circles offers advertising credits for advertising Paid in Circles or any online business you have. We can make this business great, don’t wait participate, never quit! Ron C.

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